PT Bakrie Global Ventura (Bakrie Global) is part of the Bakrie group of companies whose business interests span oil and gas, mining, agribusiness, telecommunications, metals, infrastructure, many of which are publicly listed under one of Indonesia’s largest diversified groups, PT Bakrie & Brothers.

A privately held firm, Bakrie Global is a leading investment house in Indonesia that serves as a bridge for the Bakrie Group to the international economy, so that it may expand its portfolio and partner with global business players and incorporate best practices. Bakrie Global is managed by professionals with combined experience of more than 100 years, unmatched access in Indonesia and a proven track record in various sectors and industries like TMT (technology, media and telecommunications), mining, plantations and property, among many others.

Indonesia is Southeast Asia’s anchor economy and can be a proxy for this fast-growing region of more than 650 million people. Bakrie Global is global in two senses. On one hand, it is based in an emerging economy whose rapid expansion will drive global growth over at least the next 10 to 20 years. On the other hand, it will utilize this growing influence to consider special situations beyond Indonesia’s borders.

Since its inception Bakrie Global has been active in various corporate revitalization projects, successfully transforming portfolio companies, some of which had suffered in the wake of Asia’s 1997-98 financial crises, into high-performing organizations by incorporating best-in-class professional standards, good corporate governance and operational excellence. As a result, Bakrie Global’s competitive strength lies in the turnaround business and subsequent monetization of assets, generating to date a combined total value of more than USD 2 billion from its portfolio companies in various industries.

Bakrie Global has successfully managed distressed debt, debt restructurings, leveraged buy-outs, M&A transactions and capital raisings, spanning a range of sectors including mining, plantations, natural gas pipeline, property, and infrastructure. The approach is always to balance short and long-term investment horizons.

Bakrie Global’s portfolio spans various. Investments have ranged from project start-up to operational improvement/corporate revitalization to financing/monetization, in Indonesia and overseas. They have resulted in invaluable learning experiences that continue to inform and add value to our investment approach today.

Bakrie Global’s current portfolio positions include:

  • Strategic interest in publicly-listed PT Bakrie & Brothers, one of Indonesia’s leading diversified groups with business interests spanning mining (PT Bumi Resources), agribusiness (PT Bakrie Sumatera Plantation), oil and gas (PT Energi Mega Persada), telecommunications (PT Bakrie Telecom), property (PT Bakrieland Development), metals (PT Bakrie Metal Industries) and infrastructure (PT Bakrie Indo Infrastructure).
  • Controlling shareholder of PT Visi Media Asia (VIVA), Indonesia’s fastest-growing publicly-listed integrated media and content creation company, with terrestrial TV distribution to over 170 million viewers, focusing on news and entertainment (tvOne) and lifestyle and sports (ANTV), and Indonesia’s number one Internet portal ( with a focus on news, business and sports.
  • Strategic interest in various subsidiaries, both publicly listed and non-listed companies, of Bakrie group of companies.
  • Investments in various projects ranging from coal mining to plantations to property

Bakrie Global is well-positioned to expand its positions in strategic investment. As global investors look to growth prospects in Asia, particularly in Indonesia, there will be many opportunities for mutual gains. Peering over the horizon, Bakrie Global sees itself as an anchor investor that will tap opportunities in promising sectors and industries.

Bakrie Global is keen on forging long-term relationships with investment partners to create shared value. By building strong capital structure and mutually beneficial arrangements for upside participation, Bakrie Global shall unlock hidden value by capitalizing on its expertise and experience for investment partnerships.