Message From The CEO

Experience is valued at a premium. Having been in business since 1942, for longer than the Republic of Indonesia itself, and expanding healthily, the Bakrie brand has been tested across cycles of the economy and every time we have adapted and learned to serve our stakeholders better. We know this market exceptionally well because, through our exposure from natural resources to consumer-facing sectors, we are embedded in it and grow in lockstep.

Our brand has become a household name. Although we are a family office, we are not family-driven. We were the first group to list on Indonesia’s stock exchange, not only to access capital but also to attract world-class professionals, adopt standards of good corporate governance and champion operational excellence. Over three generations we have served as the pace-setter for other Indonesian firms.

Nevertheless, we remain true to the values and principles of our founder. The late Achmad Bakrie left an indelible imprint on our culture, a creed that holds our business is about our people, partners and communities and that our overriding objective is to rise together. It is precisely in his enduring spirit that we always seek to grow in partnership and to the shared benefit of all our stakeholders.

As Indonesia steps foot on the global stage, we see plentiful opportunities for mutual gains. We aim to invest in Indonesia, where the scale and pace of change present a compelling thesis, but remain alert to special situations outside our borders where we may bring to bear our unique competencies or geographic base. Considering we have grown in parallel to the economy, as Indonesia becomes more enmeshed globally, we are certainly poised to do the same.

We are deeply rooted in Indonesia but are extending our reach internationally. We have the long-term view, informed by our acute awareness of the dynamic between domestic and the world economies, that represents half of the key to success in unlocking immense value. The other half is the requisite experience that guides execution at every critical step. Given our established record, we are well-suited for high-performing partnerships that convert common vision into targeted outcomes